Monday, February 27, 2012

Project dreamcatcher

So I was checking out blogs the other day and stumbled upon a blog who has a tutorial 
on how to make a dreamcatcher and I suddenly felt an urge to make a necklace. 
It is very easy to make and it looks like a dream when finished, don't y'all think ;) 
I also felt that this page was of good use when making it.


  1. gorgeous! LOVE DREAM CATCHERS. ill have to post the one i made :) they are so fun

  2. i learned how to make dream catchers camping in colorado when i was 9 or 10, i still have my first one hanging in my car! it has gold and silver beads, i was very flashy even then!

  3. Oh this is lovely! I didn't know anything about Dream Catchers until now. :-) Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my collar necklace post.

    Agy from Green Issues

  4. I learned how to make dreamcatchers at camp a million years ago. They're fun and pretty easy and I still give them as gifts. When I was a counsellor, we would cut willow branches soak them in water, and then bend them to be the frame. I love yours because it is so delicate and lovely.

    Thanks for the comment!