Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seed beading

The inspiration

The result. 

One triangle and four to go. A very time consuming project, this triangle took about three hours to finish. First I started out trying to make one in peyote stitch, but it looked like sh*t. So then I tried brick stitching. At first it didn't seem to work either, but after getting a hang of it: tada. Seed beads are a bit hard to work with and it's not the flattest triangle. For a more perfected look I would recommend using delicas instead ;)


  1. Lookin good! You have to show us the end result!

  2. u r so talented!!! keep the good work on and I wanna see the final result =)

  3. this will look amazing when its done cant wait to see it. Followed you on bloglovin xx

  4. Wow awesome!What a great talent you have presented here superb very inspiring.keep it up..